vendredi 27 janvier 2012

For the few english speaking readers ...

As promised for my few english speaking readers (from the PPrune forum, Manchester, Mesnil le roi and elsewhere ;-)), I'll do a fast translation of each of my post, so that you can follow my everyday adventure in Africa. The english part will be at the end of the post, in italic. Don't expect a novel everyday, but there will enough info to keep you updated with what's going on all along my trip.

Hope you'll enjoy it :-) and sorry if there are inglich meesstakes!!!! ;-)

Departure: Tomorrow.

See u !

2 commentaires:

Erwan a dit…

It's also a good way for the french reader to improve our reading skills! ;-)

Good luck and enjoy your trip! I wish you'll stay a while in South Africa doing a Bushpilot job!

I'm already waiting for the pictures.;-D

LJ35 a dit…

Merci pour les news ! Bon courage et tiens nous au courant !